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PluviaEndo: Redefining Pain Management with Exceptional Narcotic APIs

We are delighted to present our dedicated page for Narcotic APIs a digital gateway to a world where pain management reaches new heights.

Narcotic APIs List of PluviaEndo

ProductCAS Number
Buprenorphine HCl53152-21-9
Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate41444-62-6
Methadone HCl1095-90-5
Methyl Nalbuphine90242-27-6
Morphine Sulfate6211-15-0
Naloxone HCl51481-60-8
Naloxone Methyl Ether131830-09-6
Naltrexone HCl16590-41-3
N-Methylnorbuprenorphine 3-Methyl Ether16196-70-6
Noroxymorphone HCl52446-24-9
Noscapine Base128-62-1
Opium Tincture %1NA
Oxycodone HCl124-90-3
Papaverine HCl58-74-2
Tramadol HCl36282-47-0

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Unveiling the Power of PluviaEndo's Narcotic APIs: Precision in Pain Relief

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PluviaEndo’s Narcotic APIs are the flexible foundation upon which you can build innovations in pain management.

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