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Elevate Innovation and Quality with Our APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

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APIs List of PluviaEndo

Product CAS Number
Buprenorphine HCl53152-21-9
Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate41444-62-6
Methadone HCl1095-90-5
Methyl Nalbuphine 90242-27-6 
Morphine Sulfate6211-15-0
Naloxone HCl51481-60-8 
Naloxone Methyl Ether131830-09-6 
Naltrexone HCl16590-41-3 
N-Methylnorbuprenorphine 3-Methyl Ether16196-70-6
Noroxymorphone HCl52446-24-9 
Noscapine Base128-62-1 
Opium Tincture %1NA
Oxycodone HCl124-90-3
Papaverine HCl58-74-2 
Tramadol HCl36282-47-0 
Product CAS No.
Crizotinib 877399-52-5
Diroximel Fumarate 1577222-14-0
Erlotinib Hydrochloride 183319-69-9
Fingolimod Hydrochloride 162359-56-0
Gefitinib 184475-35-2
Ibrutinib 936563-96-1
Imatinib Mesylate 220127-57-1
Monomethyl Fumarate 2756-87-8
Nilotinib Hydrochloride Monohydrate 923288-90-8
Osimertinib Mesylate 1421373-66-1
Ozanimod Hydrochloride 1618636-37-5
Palbociclib 571190-30-2
Regorafenib Monohydrate 1019206-88-2
Sorafenib Tosylate 475207-59-1
Zoledronic Acid165800-06-6
Product CAS No.
Riluzole 1744-22-5
Roxadustat 808118-40-3
Tofacitinib Citrate 540737-29-9
Saffron Extract NA
Product CAS No.
Apixaban 503612-47-3
Ticagrelor 274693-27-5
Product CAS No.
Empagliflozin 864070-44-0
Dapagliflozin Propanediol Monohydrate 960404-48-2
Linagliptin 668270-12-0
Sitagliptin Phosphate 654671-77-9
Product CAS No.
Argireline Acetate 616204-22-9
Carnosine 305-84-0
GHK-CU 49557-75-7
Matrixyl 214047-00-4
Palmitoyl Tripeptide1-147732-56-7
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide7-221227-05-0
Product CAS No.
Saffron Extract NA

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Narcotic APIs : Powering Pain Relief

Within our API portfolio, discover the solutions of pain management with our narcotic APIs that set the gold standard.

From the time-tested potency of Morphine to the nuanced relief of Codeine, each API is a testament to our dedication to providing precise solutions for effective pain control.

PluviaEndo stands at the forefront of shaping the narrative of pain management, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the finest API tools for patient well-being.

In the realm of pain management, our Narcotic APIs redefine standards. From the classic potency of Morphine to the nuanced relief of Codeine, we’re pioneering effective pain control through API innovation.

Non-Narcotic APIs : Elevating Wellness

In the realm of non-narcotic brilliance, PluviaEndo shines brightly with APIs like Noscapine and Naloxone.

These non-narcotic wonders form the foundation of medications that tackle discomfort and inflammation, contributing to a healthier, pain-free world.

PluviaEndo’s commitment to wellness extends beyond relief — it’s about empowering individuals to lead healthier lives, all powered by the precision of our APIs.

Step into the realm of non-narcotic brilliance with APIs like Noscapine and Naloxone. Beyond relief, they form the backbone of medications, leveraging API power to tackle discomfort and inflammation for a healthier, pain-free world.

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