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Noscapine Base

Chemical Formula: C22H23NO7

Molecular Weight: 413.44 g/mol

CAS Number: 128-62-1

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Noscapine Base Technical Data

Here’s the technical data for Noscapine Base, incorporating feedback from the ratings:

Chemical Name: (-)-Noscapine

PubChem CID: 275196

Appearance: Fine, white, or practically white, crystalline powder; odorless or has a slight odor of ethanol.

Melting Point: 174-176°C


* Water: Slightly soluble (1 in 400 at 25°C)

* Ethanol: Freely soluble (1 in 6)

* Chloroform: Freely soluble (1 in 2)

* Ether: Practically insoluble

* pH of the solution (1 in 20): Between 2.5 and 3.5

Stability: Stable under normal storage conditions (around 25°C, protected from light)


  • Absorption: Orally absorbed, but undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism in the liver, resulting in low bioavailability (around 3-5%).
  • Distribution: Binds extensively to plasma proteins.
  • Metabolism: Extensively metabolized in the liver to various metabolites, mostly inactive.
  • Elimination: Primarily eliminated through the feces, with a small amount excreted in the urine.
  • Half-life: Approximately 6-8 hours.

Pharmacological Actions:

  • Antitussive: Suppresses cough reflex by acting on the cough center in the medulla oblongata.
  • Bronchodilatory: Relaxes bronchial smooth muscle, but the effect is weak and of limited clinical significance.
  • Vasodilatory: Dilates blood vessels, but the effect is weak and transient.
  • Other: Weak analgesic, antihistaminic, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Noscapine Base


  • Antitussive: Noscapine Base is used to treat dry, non-productive cough in adults and children over 2 years old.
  • Other: Historically used for various conditions, including asthma, diarrhea, and pain, but due to limited effectiveness and safety concerns, these uses are no longer recommended.


  • Hypersensitivity to noscapine.
  • Severe respiratory depression.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Precautions and Warnings:

  • Use with caution in patients with liver or kidney impairment, as it may accumulate in the body.
  • May cause drowsiness and dizziness, so do not operate machinery or drive while taking it.
  • Potential for abuse and dependence, although lower than other opioids.
  • May interact with other medications, so consult your doctor before taking it.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for more information about Noscapine Base and whether it is right for you.

Additional Notes:

  • Noscapine Base is not an opium alkaloid, despite its historical classification.
  • Its safety profile is generally good, but caution is advised, especially for long-term use.

Noscapine molecules

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